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How much can you make selling on Toycycle?

How much can you make selling on Toycycle?

We’re really pleased to be able to lift the burden of selling outgrown kids’ stuff from the shoulders of busy moms. And who isn’t a busy mom? Our service was designed to aid you in removing the stuff that’s cluttering your home and put it to good reuse through sale or charitable donation.

Wondering how much you can make? That depends on what you have to sell. We have families who consign one or two big-ticket items, like strollers, high chairs or bassinets. And we have families who consign literally carloads of lesser-value items like clothing, toys, and books.

Our variable payout scale is based on each item’s value and lets you earn more for higher value items.

$150 – up, you keep 70%

$100 – $149.99 you keep 60%

$30 – $99.99 you keep 50%

$20.01 – $30 you keep 40%

$10.01 – $20 you keep 30%

Under $10 you keep 25%

We charge a one-time handling fee of $20 per consignment to help with the costs of pick-up, inspection, cleaning, writing product descriptions, taking photos, pricing and listing in our store, marketing your items through various channels and managing them on multiple marketplace platforms. The fee won’t be assessed until after your first sale. All of the above percentages are based on cash payouts. Add an additional 10% if you choose a store credit.

You choose how to get paid–cash, store credit, or donation of your earnings to charity.

Ready to free up some space and some time? Sign up to consign with us today.

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