Our Mission

At Toycycle we've created the best online kids thrift store with thousands of items on consignment for babies and kids. Our focus is on high-quality clothing, top-notch toys and all the gear that helps make parenthood a little bit easier. We believe that shopping secondhand can not only save you money, but can help protect the future health of the earth for your little citizen.  

We also carry a selection of extraordinary new products from eco-minded companies focused on sustainability.

Most baby and kids products manufactured today, especially toys, are made from plastics or have plastic components that make them very difficult and costly to recycle. These items are destined for landfills where the plastics can break down into fine microplastic particles that pollute soil and waterways, imperiling fish and wildlife. Toxic microplastics can move easily up the food chain and onto our own dinner plates. 

Additionally, petroleum and natural gas are the primary sources of ingredients in plastic. The extraction and use of these materials in the manufacturing process contributes to climate change. 

TOYCYCLE strives to reduce the adverse impact of plastic waste with a great selection of excellent-condition used products, as well as new products made with sustainable materials that don’t harm our environment. 

Shop with Confidence

All of your purchases come with a 7-day, No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee. If it’s not a good fit for your family, we’ll take it back with a smile. Period.

Safety First

As parents ourselves, we know firsthand that the health and safety of your child is of ultimate importance. That’s why all of our items are double-checked for quality, safety and cleanliness before they ship.

We are aware that with the current health crisis due to the novel coronavirus, many are concerned about the risk of contracting the virus from shipped packages. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the risk of spreading COVID-19 via packages shipped over a period of days is low; taking into account the viruses poor ability to survive on surfaces and harsh conditions encountered in transit.

We nonetheless employ rigorous standards for quality and cleanliness of the products we offer for sale in our online store. Each item undergoes inspection and cleaning by a Toycycle team member. Toys and other hard-surface products are wiped down with a certified eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. As an extra precautionary measure during the current crisis, we have added a second wipe down with a hydrogen peroxide solution; an agent known to kill yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. Additionally, we have adopted mask and latex glove use for team members who prepare orders for shipment.

If you continue to be concerned about the risks of virus transmission on your packages, you may choose to clean and disinfect items you purchase online from any retailer or resale outlet. The CDC offers guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces here.

Reduce Clutter and Curtail Waste

Kids grow right before your eyes, and suddenly items you’ve loved are no longer items you need. We’re always looking for new consignors in the San Francisco Bay Area and can handle all of your excellent condition toys, clothing and gear on consignment. We offer free doorstep pickup of outgrown and unwanted clothing, toys and gear, for ultimate ease in clearing out clutter in a sustainable, earth-friendly way.

See our seller’s page here for more information on our consignment program.

Including our new Cleanout Boxes!

Purchased an item from Toycycle and want to consign it back to us when it’s outgrown? That’s the very definition of a circular economy, and it’s our highest hope for Toycycle–to meet with the same toys again and again in our online thrift store for baby and kids. As our business grows, we look forward to providing our curbside services nationwide.

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