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Eco-friendly PlanToys is another of our favorite toy companies. Committed to minimizing their impact on nature, PlanToys is proving that it is possible to maintain superior quality and safety standards in addition to following a path of environmental and social responsibility.
Plan toys for babies and kids are made in the PlanToys manufacturing facility in Trang, Thailand from rubberwood and the byproduct of rubberwood processing.
Turning, sawing, and sanding rubberwood to manufacture toys leaves behind a lot of sawdust. PlanToys takes this waste sawdust and turns it into PlanWood. PlanWood is a composite material made from the sawdust and e-zero glue, a glue produced from plant derivatives rather than chemicals and formaldehyde by-products. Using their own patented PlanWood formula they make super-durable, waterproof toys from their own waste product! That is circularity at its best.
Eco-friendly puzzles, playsets, imaginative play, learning toys, rattles, building sets, shape sorters, stackers, walkers, tables, highchairs, and more, PlanToys is a Sustainability Star.
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