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Little Tikes Activity Garden Stacker Toy

: $25.00

Little Tikes Activity Garden Stacker Toy

: $25.00

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Excellent Excellent condition. Used but with minimal signs of wear.

The Little Tikes Activity Garden Stacker is interactive and engaging to keep a child's attention during playtime. It combines essential infant play patterns with fun and whimsy to help a baby grow and develop vital essential skills. Stack the cups on top of the turtle and press down on the top cup to watch the turtle shake them all off when they play with this Little Tikes garden stacker. It teaches a child valuable skills for life, including recognizing colors, differentiating between various sizes, developing problem-solving skills and improving fine motor skills. These learning toys for babies promotes learning in a fun and exciting way. Give a child a jump start in life as they play with this fun, colorful toy that will make a child's interactive play a learning experience. This Little Tikes Activity Garden Stacker has bright, vivid colors that will draw their attention and keep them interested for a long time. It is ideal for children from 6 to 24 months old and children will have a blast with this fun new toy. "

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