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We’ve picked up your stuff. What happens next?

We’ve picked up your stuff. What happens next?

As a consignor with Toycycle, once you register, we’ll schedule your pick-up, come get your items and begin to prepare them for sale in our baby and kids consignment store. The inspection, cleaning, photographing, research and listing can take a week or two. Items that do not pass our inspection and are not able to be listed for sale in or online consignment store are sorted out during this period. Unless you tell us in advance that you would like to come pick up unsaleable items, they will be listed for free on our P2P platform or donated to charity.

Before we list your items in our online consignment store, we create an account for you. You’ll be able to log into that account and see your products in a dashboard once they are listed. After login, click the My Account tab in the upper right of your browser screen and then the My Products tab from the left sidebar.



If you’d like, you can increase the likelihood of quick sales by sharing your products on social media!

At the end of each month, we create a report of sales activity. If any of your items have sold, you’ll receive an email itemizing your sales and payout. At that time you select whether you’d like to receive a cash payout via PayPal, a store credit, or to donate your earnings to charity. The monthly reports and payouts are generally completed within the first week of the following month. For each month that any of your items sell, you’ll receive a payout report. We keep your items listed in our online baby and kids consignment store for as long as we are able. If they don’t sell during that time, unless you have made previous arrangements to pick them up, they will be donated to charity.

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